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We Are A Comprehensive and Visionary Leadership Consulting Firm

Founded in 2006, A&R Professional Services and its founder, Dr. Angela R. Johnson, have become the go-to experts in the fields of Quality Management and Continuous Improvement, optimizing business operation workflows.


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Our Services

Take Your Business to the next Level

We assist leaders in activating themselves and their assigned teams to achive all goals within their desired objectives.

Continuous Improvement

We can drive the improvement of processes and systems in your company, and implement programs that will have continuing long-term benefits. This is achieved through training your team in the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Alternatively, we can supervise and direct the work of your Continous Improvement department staff and/or monitor existing processes or projects to ensure they perform at optimal levels of efficiency.

Project Management

Occassionally, trained professionals with years of experience in a wide scope of corporate environments are needed to provide support on special projects. Our team of project managers are ready to assist your organization in both large and small projects. Our involvement can be as extensive or as minimial as desired so as to seamlessly blend into a workplace culture. Please contact us so we can discuss how we may best serve you.

Quality Management

Are you ISO 9001 certified? Or do you want to become ISO 9001 certified? Enlist one our of Quality Managers to help with your Quality Management System (QMS). Remove the overhead and let us help your organization sustain and maintain your QMS to its optimal level without the overhead. In this global economy, your workflows and quality controls can make all the difference. Please contact us to learn more about our various levels of service.

Purchasing Management

Sometimes, an extra hand or an unbiased thought leader is all you need to ensure that you are purchasing and receiving the best quality materials to run your jobs. Our Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM) has over 10 years of experience in Supply Chain Management and Sales. Additionally, we have an experienced Materials Planner to support high-production environments. We have a strong history in the Power Generation and Automotive Industries.

Relation & Awards

News & Publications

Change Is Coming: From Vision to Reality

Writen by Dr. Angela R. Johnson and edited by Jason D. Moore, Change Is Coming: From Vision to Reality provides insight on how to implement ideas effectively.  Change is a constant of life and the appropriate mindset towards it both personally and professionally is essential.

"Using A & R Professional Services helped my organization better comprehend our organizational strengths and target markets."
B. Jones
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