A & R Professional Services, founded in 2006...

by Angela R. Johnson, Ph.D., an Educator, Leadership Coach, and Operations Optimization trainer. The legendary John Maxwell Team trained Dr. Johnson as a Coach, Trainer, and Speaker in Leadership and Team Engagement.  Dr. Johnson and her team supply top-flight professional and personal development services to individuals, groups, corporate associations, organization executives, directors, and Middle Management. She and her team have over 25 years of experience in Project Management, Quality Management, Purchasing Management, and Continuous Improvement.

A&R Professional Services has successfully certified individuals and groups in Lean Sigma methodology, working with the automotive industry, healthcare, utilities, and manufacturing OEM vendors. Additionally, they are a reliable Quality Management resource for organizations that want and need flexibility with their internal Quality audits to maintain ISO 9001 certification. They have also supported organizations with training needs, purchasing, and project management.

The team consists of the following:

  • A Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • A Certified Project Management Professional
  • A Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM) with 10+ years of experience in Supply Chain Management & Sales.
  • An Experienced Materials Planner for high-production environments with a strong history in the Power Generation Industry.

Dr. Johnson is also the author of a thought-provoking book, Change Is Coming: What Is a Leader To Do?

In addition to being an energetic, entertaining, informative, and in-demand public speaker, her pivotal mission, and that of A & R Professional Services LLC, is to assist leaders worldwide in activating their assigned teams in achieving all goals populated under the umbrella of their desired objectives; and to empower her public speaking audiences with key, comprehensive, and expertly delivered information.